Defective Atlas Chalet Shingles

You may be entitled to a complete roof replacement!

Sometimes minor wind or hail damage to your roof can be repaired with the simple replacement of damaged shingles with new shingles of like kind and quality. However, in some instances, the problem is much more complex. Homes that are roofed with Atlas Chalet shingles cannot be repaired. If you home is currently roofed with Atlas Chalet shingles and has incurred even the slightest storm or weather damage, the CORRECT repair will not be possible.

Atlas Chalet shingles have been discontinued. There is NO “like and quality” substitute for the unique faux architectural shingle, so it CANNOT be matched.

What Do I Need To Do?

You are probably going to need you whole roof replaced to avoid further damages to your home. Your insurance company probably won’t mention the option of getting the entire roof replaced. WHY? Let’s face it….Replacing the entire roof costs the insurance company significantly more than repairing a few shingles – especially if the cost of replacing those shingles does not exceed your deductible.

Don’t Despair

If you need storm damage repair to your Atlas Chalet shingles, your insurance company should pay for a complete roof replacement with TRUE architectural shingles, most of which carry a 50 year warranty when using a certified contractor like Five Points Roofing. Five Points Roofing will help you ensure that happens. Most of our successful claims play little to NO out-of-pocket expenses minus their deductible! Don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule our Signature 5 Point Inspection, determine if your Atlas Chalet shingles are damaged, and we’ll help you through the process of filing the appropriate claim.

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