17 Feb 2016

Be sure your roofer can answer questions about their location, insurance and more. Before hiring a roofing company, there are certain questions you should ask. A poor job can mean costly roof repairs and leaks in the future, which means more time and money spent. Ask a roofer the following questions before making a hiring decision: […]

18 Jan 2016

We know how the temperatures here in Nashville and Middle TN fluctuate so much during the winter. One day it’s ice cold outside while the next day it can be 70 degrees. Most people opt to have a new roof installed in the spring and summer months. Others looking to replace their roof decide to […]

21 Dec 2015

We get asked questions by curious homeowners all the time. Should I go with a different contractor for a significantly lower price?  Can I save money by buying my own materials?  Should I try to repair the roof on my own? With any investment, such as your home, you really should weigh your options before […]

18 Nov 2015

Your roof is one of the first barriers of defense against the elements when it comes to your home or business.  Flashing is an essential part of your roof system. When installed correctly, it is essential in preventing water intrusion at various locations on your roof. What is flashing? The protective seal that prevents water intrusion […]

11 Mar 2015

Do you know how it’s done? Measuring a roof from the ground can be a much safer way to get the information you need to do a roof. This week I was asked to teach a new solar estimator how to measure a roof from the ground. The basic idea of measuring a roof from the […]

02 Mar 2015

No matter how little you want to deal with them, roofing issues sometimes appear. There is never a right moment for a roofing problem to arise, although it is best to tackle them on a clear, sunny day and definitely instead of during winter. Unfortunately, you cannot always predict when your roof is going to […]

24 Feb 2015

It is very important to ensure proper ventilation in your attic so that your home is comfortable during all seasons. The free flow of fresh air through the roof is essential for the maintenance of the right temperature in your home. Proper roof ventilation ensures that your home is warm in the cold seasons, saving […]

20 Feb 2015

Do you know what an Ice Dam is? After this most recent ice storm it can cause serious damage to the interior of your home too. You can help prevent serious damage to both the roof and inside of your home by minimizing the likelihood that an ice dam will develop, and by removing one […]

27 Jan 2015

We hope this message finds you warm and well. As temperatures dip and drop, we encourage you to, from a position of safety and warmth, “listen” to your roof. If you tell the neighbors that you want to “hear what your roof is telling you” this winter, they may be convinced you’re suffering from a […]

12 Jan 2015

A storm is about to blow through. High winds and heavy rains have been reported and begin to pound your neighborhood. During the storm, you notice a damp spot forming on your ceiling. Although there was a calmer rain a few days ago, this particular storm has caused a leak to appear in your ceiling. […]